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Provide a more complete and lasting massage with warm water immersion

When muscles are overworked, the interwoven material around those muscles and joints -- called fascia -- begins to harden, causing aches, pain, stiffness, soreness and tightness. Much like how clay must be kneaded to soften it before it can be shaped, fascia must be warmed up before muscle tension can be released. With traditional massage, this process is time consuming. But with water immersion, the moist heat penetrates deeply providing immediate access to underlying problem areas. The ability to access these areas allows more complete rehabilitation, resulting in increased vitality and decreased pain: benefits that continue long after the massage.


While submerged, the warmth of the water puts the client into a relaxed state. This decreases respiration and heart rate while also increasing digestion. Essential oils and minerals can be added to the water to further enhance the holistic experience. Buoyancy creates space between the tissue and allows the massage therapist to maneuver the client easily, giving them access to nearly every muscle in the body. Tools and deep tissue work can be utilized under water with less sense of discomfort and pressure.


The Water Immersion Massage Table’s basin is tapered upward to support the user’s head while keeping the body nearly entirely submerged in the warm solution. An adjustable toe-board accommodates the height of the client and adds additional support and stability. Additionally, by placing the table on a hydraulic lift, it can be raised or lowered making it easier to get in and out of the tub, as well as providing massage therapists better access to each muscle. 

Upon leaving the water immersion table, the therapist is able to achieved much greater joint mobility and range of motion upon stretching the client.


Water immersion is perfect for those with chronic illness, the elderly or those with decreased range of motion; as well as athletes or anyone who wants to experience the benefits of a relaxing massage.

Design Features

  • Tapered to support user's head and keep body submerged

  • Adjustable toeboard

  • Essential oils and minerals can be added to the warm water

  • Table can be raised and lowered for greater access

  • Perfect for those with chronic injuries, the elderly and athletes

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Provide more complete massage and rehabilitation.

Getting Started With Your Water Immersion Table

What you need to get started:

  • Ladder

  • Heater - Search for model 492-6

  • Table  - Search for Sienna 2 section, hi-lo treatment table model BAL1050


MassageWORKS is currently raising funds to enable the manufacturing of these tables. Please leave your name and contact information if you would like to be informed of further development of this product.


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